Erin Lightfoot is a print designer and ceramics studio creating contemporary porcelain jewellery and decorative vases. Erin's designs bring together colour, pattern and modernist inspired shape into finely crafted porcelain forms. 

Honouring past styles such as Art Deco and Bauhaus and applying a modern take, Erin's work captures both retro and contemporary feel.

Erin trained in fashion and textiles where she discovered a love of combining colour and pattern to create prints for garments. This eye for design lead to a search for an interesting medium on which to display her prints.

In 2011 , Erin designed a range of porcelain bangles featuring her pattern prints. The reaction to these, including editorial coverage in Vogue Australia, inspired her to expand her range to other jewellery and decorative forms.

With the expansion of the range Erin joined forces with her partner Tang Oudomvilay. Together with the help of a small team, they produce all the ceramic products from their Brisbane studio.

Each piece is created by hand involving many stepped processes including hand cutting, polishing, glazing and the application of painted lustres or digital decals. Emphasis is on technique and craftsmanship to achieve clean lines and high quality work that shows unique traces of the hand that made it.